Top 10 Things To Know Before Downloading Ibomma Movies

Telugu pirate website ibomma is the most popular movie downloading and streaming platform among Telugu audiences. It has a huge fanbase among telugu audiences. In this post, let’s explore about the top 10 things to know before downloading ibomma movies. This post will clear misconceptions about ibomma telugu movies downloading website.

(1) Ibomma Releases Movies On Or After The OTT Release Date Only

Ibomma is one particular website which has huge fanbase because of it’s HD quality services and very less ads. It doesn’t release any movie directly on the theaterical release date. Instead it releases a movie on the day it is available on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, Aha, Zee5 etc. The business model of ibomma doesn’t effect a Telugu movie directly. But OTT streaming platforms have to bear the pain.

(2) Ibomma Movies Is Just A Website And Not A Torrent Or An App

Most people confuse whether ibomma is a normal website or a torrent or an app. If we observe clearly, ibomma is a normal website. It is neither a torrent nor an app. The ibomma telugu movies website gives direct access to download the movie file. Here users spend data regarding downloading only.

On the other hand, torrent websites depends on technologies called seeds, peers and leeches. Torrent websites doesn’t give direct access to the download files. Instead, it transfers movie file data in the form small seeds from the other users. So, it acts as a file sharing platform between the users. The users have to spend more data if they access a torrent website. Apart from downloading, users have to automatically spend some data for uploading the same movie file or torrent file.

So when compared to other torrent websites, users spend less mobile data while downloading a movie from ibomma movies website 

(3) All The Movies On ibomma Telugu Movies Are HD Only

Yes, you heard it right. Ibomma telugu movies website is concentrating on the quality of the movies and services it provides. All the movies that are available on ibomma website are fully mobile HD. Providing HD movies is one of the main reasons why Ibomma is the most trusted movie downloading website among Telugu audiences.

(4) ibomma Telugu Movies Doesn’t Focus On Revenue

This is one of the strange thing no one noticed until ibomma website owners made it clear. They aren’t much focused on revenue. Ibomma Website is one of the few movie downloading websites which runs very less number of ads.

(5) ibomma Has Movies In Telugu Audio Only

Many blogs and websites publish that ibomma has movies in all languages. This is not true and ibomma has movies only in Telugu audio format. Users can’t get a single non Telugu language audio movie on ibomma. Movies that are dubbed into Telugu language are available on ibomma in Telugu audio only. For example one can watch or download non Tollywood movies like KGF2, Kantara, Avatar, John Wick 4, Pathaan, Vikram, PS2, Brahmastra in Telugu language audio only on ibomma.

Moreover, ibomma doesn’t support multi audio movies. It serves movies in a single Telugu audio format only.

Note: As per ibomma’s recent YouTube community tab updates, ibomma is coming up with Tamil movies on their website. They have mentioned that Tamil movies will be available for watching online or downloading with Adipurush Tamil version.

(6) Ibomma Telugu Movies Website Was Once Closed Due To High Expenses & Server Costs

Recently in the year 2022, ibomma had shut down it’s services due to high expenses. They mentioned in their homepage saying that they are out of money and are in losses. They stated that the cost of the servers is the biggest issue due to increased demand in bandwidth. They published these points on their homepage and asked for audience reactions.

However, ibomma telugu movies once again resumed it’s services upon repeated requests from it’s fans. This is first of a kind in the world when a pirated website was favourably trended on social media with tags and memes. Many users used the comments section of some social media platforms and repeatedly requested pirated website ibomma to resume it’s services. Even Telugu television channels like TV9, Sakshi, NTV covered these ibomma shutdown news and fan requests. Finally, after a few weeks, ibomma telugu movies once again resumed it’s services.

(7) Ibomma Movies Has Huge Fanbase Among Telugu Audience

Ibomma telugu movies has huge fanbase among Tollywood audiences. This was clearly visible when ibomma had shutdown it’s services. Ibomma fans took to all social media platforms and requested ibomma to lookout an alternative. This was the first time when a pirated website has been trended with tags, memes and even news topic on all Telugu channels. Tags like ibomma lovers, ibomma fans, and trendy Telugu dialogues like Bommalake Bomma Maa Ibomma were born.

(8) Ibomma Telugu Movies Website Is The Most Searched Movie Downloading Website In India

This ibomma telugu movies website is the top most searched movie downloading website in India. The number of searches for ibomma is greater than the combined total Indian search volumes of Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Zee5, Hotstar and Aha.

(9) More Than 90% Of Websites Containing Ibomma Name Are Fake

As original ibomma website is illegal, it is banned in India. The ibomma operators looked at other domain extensions for providing their services. They have a reserved list of some websites and also frequently come up with new ibomma domain name extensions.

Seeing the demand, some website owners created fake ibomma websites where the home screen of the website is scrapped from the original ibomma website. There are more than 90% ibomma fake websites trying to fool movie lovers by pretending to be original ibomma website. So users have to be careful when accessing those fake websites.

(10) Ibomma Telugu Movies Changes It’s Domain Name As It Is Banned In India

As piracy is a criminal act, ibomma is banned in India. So, the original ibomma website owners try to upload movies with different ibomma extensions. So we often observe the ibomma domain name being changed frequently. However, the main website almost lists at the first spot in search results.

Conclusion: We hope this article provides correct information and knowledge about ibomma telugu movies website.

Disclaimer: This article about ibomma movies is published just to provide correct and useful information to the users.This article or website doesn’t promote any piracy or movie download links. The main intention is to clear the misconceptions about ibomma website that are arised due to some fake articles on the internet.

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  2. Hello There. I discovered your weblog using msn. That is
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