12+ Best National Science Day Poster, Drawing And Rangoli Designs

Different types of competitions like posters, drawings, rangoli, quizzes are conducted during different Science Day events. Among all, making posters, drawings and rangoli designs are the most important artistic events during the Science Day celebrations. As National Science Day 2023 is celebrated on February 28th, most people require designs and ideas for this event. In this post, we are providing you with Science day rangoli designs and ideas. We are also providing Science day Posters and drawings along with rangoli designs as they can be used as interchangeable in the events.

These poster, drawing and rangoli designs can be used for any science day and technology related events. Some of the events are listed below.

  • National Science Day
  • International Science Day
  • Creative Science Day

Science Day Poster Image Designs And Ideas For 2023

Science Day Poster
Image Credits; Anupama

National Science Day Poster Designs And Ideas For 2023

If you are insearch of poster images and pictures that are purely related to National Science Day, then these below images can be considered.

=> This National Science Day Poster is most suitable for both Chemistry and Physics related medical science institutions, events, firms and organisations.

National Science Day Poster Making In Digital Format

One can create National Science Day 2023 poster in digital methods. We can create digital posters using free web applications and apps like Canva. As many science related icons and png images are available for free on the internet, one can easily create posters like the one shown in the below image.

National Science Day Poster
28th February National Science Day Poster

=> This below National Science Day Poster by Anupama is one of the excellent handmade poster designs available on the internet. The artist Anupama has included most important science and technology aspects that are driving India.

National Science Day Poster By Anupma - Rangoli Rani
Image Credits: Anupama (Calli Art Drawing Channel)

In the above image, one can even figure out the latest trends that are happening in today’s world. The advanced internet technologies, telecommunication services, aerospace, manufacturing technologies, medical innovations etc are all pooled up in the above image.

National Science Day 2023 Theme : Global Science For Global Wellness

The theme for National Science Day 2023 is “Global Science For Global Wellness”. One can get a bunch of ideas from Anupama’s YouTube channel regarding this theme.

National Science Day Poster Drawing Themes By Anupama

One can even find a lot of poster drawing ideas related to different topics on Anupama’s YouTube channel named “Calli Art Drawing”. You can explore her drawings in the below link.

Simple National Science Day Poster Drawing

During all Science Day events, students require poster images for the competitions and exhibitions. Educational institutions may ask the students to make either manual drawing posters or digital posters. This below image is a simple poster drawing idea for the students. One can draw chemistry and physics lab equipments or technology related items like cell towers, mobile phones, internet and space related drawings on the poster.

National Science Day Poster Drawing 28 February
Simple National Science Day Poster Drawing For Students

The above simple poster images can be used for rangoli designs also.

Science Day Drawing Images And Ideas For 2023

Here we are listing out some drawings that are related to most science day events. One can modify these images by adding a quote or event name and year to these pictures.

National Science Day Drawing Ideas For 2023

Science Day Drawing
Science Day Drawing

Handmade Science Day Poster Drawing 2023

Handmade Science Day Poster Drawing Picture
Handmade Science Day poster drawing

Save Water Save India Theme Science Day Drawing

Save Water Save India Theme Science Day Poster Drawing
Save Water Save India Theme For Science Day Drawing

Science Day Rangoli Designs And Ideas For 2023

National Science Day 2023 Rangoli Designs And Ideas

One can make science day rangolis by practising mostly used science related items. We can make a simple science day rangoli design by using only a single item or can create a complex rangoli design by mixing multiple scientific items into one rangoli design.

National Science Day Rangoli Design With Chemistry Lab Equipments

We can use different types of chemisty lab equipments in our science day rangoli events and exhibitions.

Science Day Rangoli Designs - Physics Rangoli Designs
National Science Day With Chemistry Lab equipments

Physics Rangoli Designs

We can use popular Physics equations in our rangoli designs. In the below image, the artist from Rangolis And Fashion, has used the famous E=MC2

Science Day Rangoli Design - Physics Rangoli Designs
Image Credits: Rangolis And Fashion

National Science Day

Before exploring the Science Day Posters, rangolis and drawings, let us explore the importance of National Science Day.

When is National Science Day Celebrated?

In India, National Science Day is celebrated on the 28th of February every year. It is celebrated to recall and show the respect for the discovery of CV Raman Effect. Sir Chandra Sekhara Venkata Raman had discovered and unleashed the CV Raman Effect to the world on 28th of February in the year 1930.

National Science Day History

In the year 1986, National Council For Science & Technology Communication had sent a proposal to the then Government of India. In the proposal, the council requested the government to announce February 28 as the National Science Day. The council even said that the date February 28th is used to recall the discovery of the CV Raman Effect. The then Indian Government accepted the request proposal from the council and announced that February 28th should be celebrated as National Science Day.

When was the first National Science Day celebrated?

February 28th was approved as the National Science Day in the mid of the year 1986. The first National Science Day was celebrated on 28th of February 1987. From then, it is being celebrated in India.


What is the theme for the National Science Day 2023 in India?

The theme for National Science Day 2023 is “Global Science For Global Wellness”. The Indian Central Minister said that this theme perfectly fits for India’s achievement globally. He further added that India is advancing globally regarding G20 summit ceremony, innovation in health and scientific technologies.

When was the first National Science Day celebrated?

The first National Science Day was celebrated on February 28 in the year 1987.

Why do we celebrate National Science Day?

National Science Day is celebrated to recall our country’s achievements in Science, Technology and Innovation fields. We use this opportunity to respect scientists and all people who excelled in the science, technology fields.

How many types of Science Days are observed in India?

In India, we observe many types of Science Days. However National Science Day, International Science Day and Creative Science Day are top observed science day events. We even have multiple science day events associated to Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Opthomology and so on.

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