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 Reliance Jio’s entertainment wing Jio Studios has recently announced that they are producing 100 movies and web shows in the next two years. This massive step is now creating ripples in the Indian OTT industry. How will this Jio Studio’s strategy change the game play in OTT sector? Will Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, Netflix and all other OTT content providers have to face tough days in the coming years. Read the complete story. 

Jio Studios to produce 100 movies and web shows

Before exploring Jio Studio’s strategy, let’s first check out how Jio’s entry changed the Indian internet and entertainment industry. 

How Jio Helped OTT Platforms And YouTube Regarding Video Consumption? 

Reliance Jio revolutionized Indian Telecom sector by slashing down the internet prices. Before Jio’s entry, all telecom operators used to charge their subscribers for the internet consumption. To stand in the race, both Airtel and Vodafone Idea also provided cheap internet to their subscribers.  

Availability of cheap internet boosted the video consumption in India. Now users are not afraid of the video file size. Along with youtube, OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5, Alt Balaji benefitted with the cheap internet prices in India. The subscriber base and video consumption on these OTT platforms increased heavily after Jio’s entry into the Telecom sector. 

Jio’s Footprint In Entertainment Sector 

Jio TV And Jio Cinema 

Now Reliance Jio is expanding it’s footprint and betting big on Indian entertainment sector. Jio is providing some free stuff on it’s Jio TV and Jio Cinema apps. It is even providing free IPL streaming to all the users irrespective of their network. So, even Airtel, VI, BSNL customers can now view IPL and other Jio content freely. 

Jio Studios To Produce 100 Movies And Web Shows In Next Two Years 

The next surprising big move by Jio is that it started producing movies and OTT content in major Indian languages through Jio Studios. As per sources, even though they announced this recently, it has started this production work back in 2022. 

In a recent meet-up, Jio Studios team stated that they are producing more than 100 movies and web shows in Hindi. For the year 2023-2024, they have already allocated 2000 crores for producing these 100 shows and movies. And in 2025-2026, they are doubling the investment to 4000 crores. During this 2025-2026 period, they are planning to enter into South industry.  

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Jio Studios Road Map 

This is just a part of their roadmap in establishing themselves in entertainment segment. The team at Jio Studios have bigger plans. They aim to make Jio Studios a favorite destination for every movie lover. They are planning to achieve this after every movie lover in rural areas can enjoy Jio Studio’s services through uninterrupted Jio Fibre. And this is not the end. Their final goal is to provide a new content every day, 365 days 365 new shows/movies. 

Do Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar And Netflix Need To Worry? 

So, how does this affect other OTT streaming providers like Amazon Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, Netflix etc? For sure, there will be some concern for these service providers. Already Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar are well established in the Indian OTT industry. They are always leading the Indian OTT industry by bagging all types of projects with their fancy prices. On the other hand, Netflix has it’s own evergreen foreign web series in it’s list. Looks like everyone will have their share as entertainment is always a top priority among Indians. 

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