Ibomma Telugu Movie 2023 Balagam

ibomma telugu movie 2023 balagam

This article is about latest Telugu hit movie Balagam. This post includes ibomma Balagam movie cast, box office collections, OTT release dates, reviews and ratings. Are you searching for where to watch or download ibomma telugu movie 2023 Balagam? Then read this post carefully. 

Balagam Review And Storyline 

Balagam is an emotional family drama set in the backdrop of Siricilla, Telangana state. The story talks about the present mindset of people during each and every occasion. The story indirectly pokes at people’s changing strategies under different circumstances. The main story revolves around the death of Komurayya. The story takes ugly turns with deep connections to social and economical elements in present day life. 

Komurayya has two sons namely Ilayya and Mogilayya. Komurayya lives with his eldest son Ilayya’s family. Sayilu is the son of Ilayya and beloved grandson of Komurayya. Komurayya sets the marriage of Sayilu with a girl in the nearby location. Sayilu also shows interest in the marriage as he can clear his debts from the dowry he is about to receive. 

The story starts taking a turn when Komurayya passes away just 2 days ahead of the marriage. Sayilu’s dream to clear the debts with the dowry collapses. 

The marriage initially gets postponed due to 11 months sentiment that strongly prevails in Telangana and Rayalaseema districts. 

The story takes a new twist when Lakshmi, the only daughter of Komurayya visits the village. Lakshmi, her husband Narayana along with their daughter Sandhya visit the village to take part in the final rituals of Komurayya. Meanwhile, the marriage gets halted due to war of words between the two families. 

Sayilu tries to woo Sandhya upon knowing that she is his sister in law and is still unmarried. He comes to know that Sandhya’s father has huge properties in the nearby town. Sayilu believes that his marriage with Sandhya can pull him out of his debts and problematic life. 

New twists take place making it harder for Sayilu to convince Sandhya. Sayilu comes to know that his family members and Sandhya’s father had war of words. Rifts take place and days become bitter between his family and uncle Mogilayya’s family. 

Did Sayilu and Sandhya love each other? Was Sayilu’s love on Sandhya based only on his economical situation? Did the entire family of Komurayya reunite within the 11 days pedda karma death rituals? The struggle of Sayilu regarding love and rebuilding family connections forms the rest of the story. 

Balagam Movie OTT Release Date 

Balagam movie was released on Amazon Prime on 23, March 2023. Even though the movie was running successfully across Telangana state, Amazon Prime released it as per their contract agreement with the movie producers. Inspite of release on Amazon OTT platform and ibomma, Balagam witnessed healthy occupancy ratios across several towns in Telangana. The movie is still running successfully even after 35 days. 

Where To Watch Or Download Balagam Movie? 

Balagam is released on Amazon Prime OTT platform. One can watch or download Balagam movie with Amazon Prime subscription. Apart from Amazon, Balagam is also available on iBOMMA website. 

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