ibomma Asalu Telugu Movie 2023

 Venkatesh Chakravarthy (Surya) is a renowned professor in forensic pathology. Vandana (Poorna) is an assistant professor. She works under Chakravarthy and assists him in the daily professional work. One day, while taking an online class for his students over a zoom call, Chakravarthy gets murdered. Vandana and the remaining students gets shocked by this incident. 

ibomma Asalu Telugu Movie 2023

To crack down this case and trace the murderer, police department appoints Ranjith Rao (Ravi Babu). Vandana assists Ranjith Kumar in cracking down the murder mystery of the professor. Ranjith Rao investigates in his style in figuring out the killer. He finds out that four people and an unidentified person in a mask visited Chakravarthy’s house on the day when the murder took place. 

Ranjith Rao investigates each suspect and finds out the reason for their visit to professor’s house. Is the murderer among these 5 visitors or not? What’s the motive behind killing the professor who works in a forensic department? Is the murderer a well known person to the professor? To find out these answers, you have to watch Asalu Telugu movie. Asalu is available either to watch or download on ETV Win App. 

Asalu Movie OTT Review

Asalu Telugu Movie Plus Points: 

Ravi Babu and Poorna excelled in their roles. Ravi Babu is stunning as a cop. Poorna did her role with conviction. The murder scene and the investigation scenes are well crafted. These intense scenes create curiosity among the viewers. Suspense was well maintained as investigation deepens. Viewers will be enthusiastic to know what happens next in this mystery thriller. 

Asalu Movie Negative Points 

While the movie is fully interesting during investigation scenes. But the story takes a deep downfalls when the killer name is 

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