Holi Rangoli Designs 2023 : Top 25 Holi Special Rangoli Design Images

On Holi, women decorate their homes with colourful rangoli designs and flowers. So if you are insearch of a unique rangoli design idea for this Holi festival, then you have landed on the right page and even on the most colourful holi designs page. In this post, we shall explore different types of rangoli designs and ideas for Holi 2023. These Holi rangoli design ideas include images, photos and drawings of Special Holi rangoli, Modern Holi rangoli, Happy Holi Rangoli and so on.

Holi 2023 Festival Date

Hindu community has one of the oldest and unique tradition of welcoming the Spring. They welcome the Spring with a grand colourful festival called Holi. This festival is always celebrated as per Hindu calendar. In this year 2023, Holi falls on Wednesday March 8, 2023. It’s a rare coincidence that both International Women’s Day and Holi are being celebrated on the same day March 8, 2023.

Holi Rangoli Design Ideas For 2023

We have listed 12 Holi rangoli ideas that will help everyone in the process of their design selection. One can opt for either a simple holi design or can create a unique and multicolored Holi kolam design. These ideas will surely help in finalizing your Holi 2023 rangoli design selection.

  • Holi Special Rangoli
  • Modern Holi Rangoli
  • Happy Holi Rangoli Designs
  • Holika Dahan Rangoli
  • Holi Hai Rangoli
  • Easy Holi Rangoli Designs
  • Simple Holi Rangoli
  • Floral Kolam Designs
  • Multicolored Kolam Designs
  • Radha Krishna Rangoli Designs
  • Holi Quotes Rangoli
  • Holi Wishes Rangoli

Holi Special Rangoli

Some festivals have some special items as their signature styles. Just like how Diwali festival has diyas and Pongal (Sankranti) has kites, bhogi kundalu, sugar cane sticks, bulls as special items associated with them, Holi has also special rangoli style and items associated with it. Holi Special Rangoli has the following items associated with it.

  • Colourful Hand Prints
  • Rangoli Water Guns
  • Bowls Or Boxes With Rangoli Colour
  • Holika Dahan Rangoli

Colourful Hand Prints

In the below image, the rangoli artist Pooja Kadam has used her creativity very effectively. Her rangoli design consists of colourful hand prints on a T-shirt. By seeing the colourful hands, one can easily figure out that the rangoli is perfectly suitable for Holi festival. Colourful Hand Prints are one of the top special items that are used to represent Holi festival.

Holi Special Rangoli
Pic Credits: Pooja Kadam

The artist Pooja Kadam has used Hindi one-liner “Holi Hai” on the T-shirt themed rangoli. Within no time, one can surely see these types of rangoli design themed T-shirts.

Holi Special Rangoli With Water Gun (Rangoli Pichkaari Gun)

Irrespective of age, gender and caste, people in India celebrate Holi festival by spraying or throwing colours on their friends and family members. This throwing of colours is commonly referred as “Playing Holi” in most of the Indian languages. While some people use hands to apply powder rangoli colours, some use water guns or pichkaari guns to spray rangoli water.

Special Holi Rangoli With Water Gun And Kite Design
Holi Festival Kolam Credits: Rangoli Nation

Holi Special Rangoli With Rangoli Guns And Rangoli Bowls

This Rangpanchami (Holi) kolam is an easy and simple rangoli design. This can even be drawn by any beginner as it doesn’t involve any items except the rangoli guns. Apart from that, one can use different rangoli colours in small bowls as shown in the image. One can use either english wishes or their local language in the rangoli design.

Holi Special Rangoli Guns Design

Credits: VS Rangoli Arts

Holi Special Rangoli And International Women’s Day Combo Design

Every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 08. In this year 2023, along with International Women’s Day, Indians have the added advantage of celebrating Holi on March 08.

One can combine both these events and draw a combo rangoli with both women and Holi centric rangolis. We can even add both Holi wishes and International Women’s Day wishes to our rangoli.

Even though the below image is Radha Krishna themed Holi design, one can add a woman rangoli to the Holi rangoli.

International Women's Day Special Holi Rangoli By Mitas

Modern Holi Rangoli

Modern Rangoli is one of the rangoli types which is expanding it’s boundaries. New artistic techniques and tools are used in these types of modern rangoli designs. Some modern rangolis include 3D rangolis, POP (Plaster of Paris) rangolis, Sand art rangoli, brush strokes, finger art etc. In modern rangoli designing, complex rangolis are drawn easily with the use of tools like brushes, stencils, shaped objects like bangles, square frames, spoons, pens and some other kitchen items.

Modern Holi Rangoli Designs – 3D And POP Designs

If you love either POP or 3D type rangolis, then Ranu Art provides with multiple modern rangoli deaigns. These designs should be used with either Holi one-liners or wishes or quotes.

Modern Holi Rangoli Light Colours
Holi Image Credits: Ranu Art
Vibrant Coloured Modern Holi Rangoli Design

POP Inspired 3D Modern Holi Rangoli With Flowers
Holi Kolam Pic Credits: Ranu Art

3D Modern Holi Rangoli Complex Design
Holi Muggulu Pic Credits: Ranu Art
Modern Holi Rangoli
Image Credits: Ranu Art

Sand Mixed Modern Rangoli Designs

Mixing of sand with colours exists from olden days. But along with sand, new fancy items are also being mixed with the colours. These mixing changes the texture of the colours.

Modern Holi Rangoli Design With Sand Mixed Colours

Modern Holi Rangoli Designs – Creative Mixing With Other Art Forms

With the evolution of new drawing and painting techniques, one can mix these different arts to a rangoli design. Items and tools like temperorary paints, brushes and stencils can be used in the creation of these modern rangoli designs.

Below are some of the images of modern Holi rangoli designs which are achieved by mixing rangolis with drawings, paints, stencil art and so on.

The below Holi image is a mixture of multiple art forms. The artist has even used finger drawing on the image.

Modern Holi Rangoli Design Drawing Image
Pic Credits: Kreative Pals
Happy Holi Rangoli Design Cum Drawing Image

Happy Holi Rangoli Designs – Holi Wishes Rangoli

One of the common one-liners we use during any festival or event based rangolis is writing wishes. For Holi, we use Happy Holi along with the year number in our rangolis. Here are a few images and photos that are related to Happy Holi wishes.

3D Modern Happy Holi Rangoli With Flowers

3D Modern Happy Holi Rangoli Design By Khushbu Creative
Holi Photo Credits: Khushbu Creatives

Simple And Easy Happy Holi Rangoli

Small and easy Happy Rangoli By Rangoli Design Ideas
Holi Image Credits: Pooja Kadam

Creative Happy Holi Rangoli Design

Creative Holi Rangoli Design By Hemangi [Rangoli Rani]
Photo Credits: Hemangi

Holika Dahan Rangoli Designs 2023

Holika Dahan is an event that is a part of the Holi Festival. It is celebrated as a symbol of victory over the bad. Holi festival has a story associated with Lord Vishnu, Prahalad and Holika. As per the story Holika was burnt alive by Lord Narasimha, one of the Lord Vishnu’s avatar inorder to save his devotee Bhakta Prahalada. The day on which Holika was burnt alive is considered as Holika Dahan. On Holika Dahan day, people celebrate by burning some items to elimate the bad. The next day is considered as the main Holi festival.

Modern Holika Dahan Rangoli 2023

Modern Holika Dahan Rangoli By Madhuris Rangoli And Art
Modern Holika Dahan Rangoli By Madhuri

Easy Holika Dahan Design

Simple Holika Dahan Rangoli Design 2023 By Tejaswee
Holika Dahan Rangoli 2023 By Tejaswee

Simple Holika Dahan Rangoli Design 2023

Floral Holika Dahan Rangoli By Varsha
Holika Dahan Image Credits: Varsha

Easy Modern Holika Dahan Rangoli Design

Easy Holi Special Holika Dahan Rangoli By Rangoli Nation
Easy Holi Rangoli By Rangoli Nation

Holi Hai Rangoli Designs – Holi Hai Wishes Images

Holi Hai is one of the most used Hindi wishes one liner during Holi festival. One uses this “Holi Hai” as a precautionary measure to avoid quarrels during playing with rangoli colours. Most people use this one-liner while applying colours on unknown people’s faces.

One can write this Holi Hai Wishes either in Hindi language or in English language. Below are some of the Holi Hai Rangoli wishes designs. We can include year in our designs like Holi Hai 2023 or Holi Hai 8th March, 2023.

Simple Holi Hai Rangoli 2023 Wishes Design

The below Holi wishes rangoli is a freehand simple design which is even suitable for beginners. One can just use some of the special rangoli items like Holi Hai quote, colourful hands, rangoli guns, peacock feathers, flute and rangoli buckets.

Holi Hai Rangoli Design 2023 By Rangoli Art 70

Easy Holi Hai Rangoli Wishes Design

The below Holi Hai quote rangoli is not only simple but also very easy for all. One can just draw the outlines for Holi Hai quote and colour triangles and then fill them with rangoli colours. We can extend this Hindi one-liner with sentences like Aaj Holi Hai, Holi Hai 2023, Maaf Karo Aaj Holi Hai, Rang Barse Holi Hai or even comical satires.

Simple Holi Hai Rangoli Design 2023
Holi Hai Rangoli Design By GOQUIRKY

Best Holi Images And Photos Compilation Video

If you still want to explore more rangoli ideas that are related to both Holi and Holika Dahan, then we request you to watch this video.

Best Special And Modern Holi Rangoli Designs

This video consists of 40+ rangoli designs that are related to Holi festival. One can get an idea from this Holi Kolam Video.


What are Modern Rangoli Designs?

Modern Rangoli Designs are those which are created by using either new techniques or by mixing with other arts. Modern rangolis include techniques 3D, Sand art, brush strokes or by mixing other artistic forms such as stencil models, abstract images, drawings or even paintings.

What rangoli items can be used to describe Special Holi Rangolis?

One can use Holi rangoli guns, colourful hand prints, Holi wishes, quotes, Holika dahan etc to describe the Special Holi Rangoli Designs.

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