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Nani’s Dasara Crosses 110 Crores At The World Wide (Gross) Box Office. It had even created a new record for Nani at the US Box Office. Dasara became Nani’s first $ 2.0 million mark movie at the US Box office. To know the 16 days collections of Dasara, continue reading. 

Dasara Movie Box Office Collections Till Now

Nani’s latest movie Dasara was released on March 30, 2023. The movie received positive reviews from the critics and appreciations from the audience. Dasara took the Summer box office by storm in both the Telugu States and in the US.

Along with Telugu version, Dasara movie was simultaneously released in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages. While the Telugu version is performing well, the other language versions of Dasara movie did not attract the audience. After Balagam movie, Dasara is stealing the show at the Tollywood boxoffice. 

Dasara Movie Box Office Achievements: 

The achievements are in descending order. The new records will be added on the top of the list. To view direct collections, scroll down. 

  • Dasara has crossed $2.00 million at the US Box office. This is Nani’s first $2.00 million mark movie in the US. He has 8 movies that have crossed $1.00 million mark in the United States. 
  • Dasara is Nani’s first 100 crore (gross) film. 
  • Dasara achieved breakeven in two Telugu states of AP and Telangana in the first week itself.
  • Dasara has achieved breakeven in Telangana in it’s first three days.
  • After Balagam, Dasara took over the charge at Tollywood Box Office. The movie was declared as a hit on the release day itself. 

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Dasara Movie Box Office Predictions:

Inspite of extraordinary openings for a tier 2 hero in Tollywood, Dasara is losing steam at the Box office in it’s second week. The movie might end up collecting a gross of120 crores at the world wide box office. 

Dasara Box Office Collections Till Now [April, 14]

April 15, Update: Dasara has collected 112.8 Crores at the world wide box office on it’s 16 days run. On April 11, the makers released a poster stating that the movie has grossed 110 crores at the world wide box office. 

On April 8, 2023, the makers released a poster stating that the movie has crossed 100 crores at the world wide box office. 

Here is the detailed box office collections of Nani’s Dasara till now.  

Dasara 15 Days Movie India Nett Collections [April 12 Update]: 

Dasara has grossed 110 crores collections at the worldwide box office in it’s first 15 days. It has earned a nett collection of 78.00 crores nett at the Indian box office. 

Day Telugu Nett (AP&TS Only) Total India Nett 
Day 01 (Thursday, March 30) 22.45 Cr 23.20
Day 02 9.16 Cr 9.75
Day 03 11.24 Cr 12.10
Day 04 11.51 Cr 12.60
Day 05 3.18 Cr 3.65
Day 06 2.70 Cr 3.25
Day 07 2.08 Cr 2.50
Day 08 1.73 Cr 2.05
Day 09 1.46 Cr 1.70 
Day 10 1.86 Cr 2.15
Day 11 1.75 Cr 2.00
Day 12 0.64 Cr 0.72
Day 13 0.52 Cr 0.60
Day 14 0.48 Cr 0.51
Day 15 0.51 Cr 0.57 
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20

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