80+ New Chukkala Muggulu Designs & How To Make Rangoli Guide

The dot rangolis are more famous in the South Indian states. Dot Rangoli is also known as Chukkala Muggulu in the Telugu States and Pulli Kolam in Tamil Nadu. Women who are devotionally attached to the Goddess Lakshmi have the habit of drawing muggulu or kolams daily. In this post, we are providing a step by step guide for beginners on “How To Make Rangoli?”. We have taken a 7×4 chukkala muggulu (7×4 Dots Rangoli) example for this step by step guide. The Rangoli Rani team credits original rangoli artist Nila, for her artistic work.

Types Of Dots Placement In Rangoli

In chukkala muggulu, dots are placed either in zigzag or straight lines. Zigzag dots are the most commonly used ones and are placed straight in only one direction. Zigzag dots are simply called as dots. But there are lot of variations and naming structures associated with dots.

Straight dots designs include dots that should be placed in straight lines in both X and Y directions.

For this step by step guide, we are using 7×4 zigzag dots rangoli design.

1. Placing 7×4 Dots In Chukkala Muggulu Or Dotted Rangoli

  1. Place 7 dots in the horizontal direction (Fig 1a). The 4th dot in these 7 dots will be the center of the entire rangoli. Even though the dots are not connected, this is commonly referred as the base dots lane (line) for the rangoli. The base dots lane divides the rangoli into two parts which are called as the upper part and the lower part.
  2. Start placing dots in the upper part of the rangoli design. First place 6 dots, then 5 dots and finally 4 dots in zigzag angles. (Fig 1b, Fig 1c).
  3. Now start placing 6 dots, then 5 dots and finally 4 dots in the lower part. This is the final structure (Fig 1d) for any 7×4 zigzag dots design.
How to place rangoli dots

2. Draw a small circle and Hexagon

Draw a small circle around the central dot of the rangoli (Fig 2a). Then draw a hexagon around this small circle. This hexagonal shape can be drawn by joining the nearest 6 dots as shown in the figure (Fig 2b).

How to make Rangoli? Rangoli Dots placement guide
Fig 2a
How to make muggulu
Fig 2b

3. Expand the Hexagon

Draw a line by joining each point of the hexagon to it’s outer dot. Draw all the 6 lines from 6 points as shown in the figure. Here the 6 outer dots are called as open points.

How to make rangoli - Step by step guide
Fig 3

4. The Spin Blade

Draw a line from each open point by joining it to the dot that is 45° from right side from the joining point. This expansion looks like a spin blade.

Rangoli drawing guide for beginners By Rangoli Rani Nila
Fig 4

5. Draw Semicircles

In the fifth step, draw a semicircle from each open point (Fig 5). This can be done by joining the 3 dots as shown in the figure. Repeat this semicircle process from all 6 open points.

Simple rangoli designs for beginners
Fig 5

6. Check if all dots are connected

It is clearly visible that all dots are now connected with one or more dots. Now there are 6 open points to the right of all semicircles. We have to draw connections between all semi circles.

Simple Chukkala Muggulu making
Fig 6

7. Add extra dots for better connection

Just place an extra dot between two semicircles. Make sure that the dot is placed a little outer as shown in the figure.

Muggulu with dots - Rangoli Rani - Arts Of Nila
Fig 7

8. Close all the open points for final Chukkala Muggulu design

Connect the open point to the immediate semi circle via the extra dot. Repeat this untill all semi circles are interconnected. And in the final rangoli design, we can see that there are no more open points left.

Pulli Kolam - dots rangoli
Rangoli Artist: Nila

This rangoli design looks easy and simple. We wish this “How To Make Rangoli” images guide provides all the required knowledge for the beginners. Upon practice, this simple 7×4 dots rangoli can be easily learnt by beginners. One can even use this as a simple daily dot rangoli design.

This 7×4 dots pulli kolam is drawn by rangoli artist Nila. One can view the video version of this example on her YouTube channel for further references and examples.

[Watch 7×4 Chukkala Muggulu By Artist Nila]

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