Bengaluru Traffic And Over Smart Car Driver Viral Video

A video about Bengaluru Traffic and reckless car driver is surfacing on Twitter. The video shows an over smart car driver is taught a lesson by a school bus driver. This incident occured on a thin traffic jammed road in Bengaluru. The road appears to be an interior part of a street in Bangalore city. It has the capacity to accomodate just two vehicles on both sides of the road.

The video shows the car driver drove on the wrong side of the road until he faced a mini school bus on the opposite side. It can be clearly seen in the video that while all other cars were following the traffic rules and waiting in their lane, this car driver was the only one who took the wrong side of the road.

The mini school bus driver didn’t shift to the right side of the road to give way for this car driver. Instead, he slowly kept on moving forward in right direction. This made the car driver to realise that he had no option as the mini school bus was heading towards his car. As the car driver was left with no option, he used reverse gear and moved back. This incident was recorded by a fellow car driver who was waiting on his lane.

This video was first published by MahiTweets on July 22. But it did not gain much views and the views were limited to 105k. But he again posted the tweet yesterday, Jul 31 2023. This new tweet garnered more than 1.1 million views and became viral under Bengaluru hashtags.

Users retweeted it and some have pointed out at the car registration number. However most of the netizens on Twitter used over smart car driver for his driving skills and voilating traffic rules.

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