Adipurush Cast: Exploring The Top 6 Characters Of Adipurush

India’s film industry is always ablaze with new releases and upcoming projects. Adipurush is the latest one to steal the spotlight. Directed by Om Raut, this epic drama is based on the Hindu historical (mythological) tale of Ramayana. With Prabhas playing the lead role of Lord Rama, this movie features an exciting cast of talented stars. Let’s dive into top 6 characters of Adipurush cast and explore what to expect from these 6 actors.

Adipurush Trends As Release Date Nears

Adipurush is an upcoming Indian movie that is slated to release on June 16, 2023. The movie has gained attention among the audience. Adipurush will be first screened in the United States with preview shows on June 15, 2023. Below are the Adipurush Release dates in different countries.

Adipurush Release Date In Different Countries

Adipurush is having a big release in India and is releasing in 20+ countries globally. Adipurush movie will be first released in the United States through premiere shows on 15 June, 2023. It will be released in Australia and New Zealand in both Hindi and Telugu languages on 16 June 2023 (ahead of India). Adipurush then hits the screens in Singapore, India and other East Asian countries simultaneously in multiple languages on 16 June, 2023.

Countries (In Order Of Screen hitting time)Adipurush Release Date
United States (Premieres)15 June, 2023
Australia & New Zealand 16 June, 2023
Singapore & East Asian Countries 16 June, 2023
India 16 June, 2023
Gulf Countries 16 June, 2023
UK & Europe Countries 16 June, 2023
United States & Canada (Normal Release) 16 June, 2023
Adipurush Release Date

Significance Of Ramayana On Indian Soil To Boost Adipurush

Ramayana is one of the significant historical facts (but some say mythological tales) in Hinduism. Showcasing it on the big screens has the potential to create a significant impact on Indian culture and society. Adipurush has unique elements that make it a standout adaptation, and the movie is sure to attract some section of audience following its release.

6 Adipurush Cast Actors Who Played 6 Important Characters From Ramayan

Ramayana has 100s of characters which have some significant role. But among them, there are 6 important characters that we hear daily. Adipurush is also mainly dependent on these 6 actors who played the 6 important characters of Ramayan.

Adipurush is already witnessing a backslash due to bad VFX, bad characterization of some castings. Apart from this, the director Om Raut has just a single notable super hit Tanhaji in Hindi. Let’s check these top 6 actors who played 6 important characters of Ramayan in detail. Can they succeed with their acting skills and bring the audience to theaters?

(1) Adipurush Cast Ram – Prabhas As Lord Ram

The Baahubali superstar is now in a new avataar. Prabhas is all set to play the role of Lord Shri Rama, aka Raghava in Adipurush. It is always a delight to watch him as a king on screen, and this new role is no exception.

Prabhas As Lord Ram Is The Crowd Puller For Adipurush

With Prabhas playing as Lord Sree Ram, expectations are sky-high. He is one of the biggest crowd pullers in the Indian film industry. Given his fanbase, the movie is expected to mint huge collections in the Telugu states. Irrespective of the movie talk, the opening day worldwide collections of Adipurush is expected to cross 100 crore mark.

Prabhas As Heart Broken Ram Insearch Of Sita Devi ?

It is rumoured that the first half of the film will be about Ram searching for Sita. Can Prabhas mesmerize audience as a heart broken Ram who is insearch of Sita? If this is executed well with some good visuals and heart touching scenes, then one can expect Adipurush to create wonders at the box office. The songs from the Adipurush movie are already chartbusters and Siya Ram is one of the top most devotional songs in entire Indian history.

(2) Adipurush Cast Ravan – Saif Ali Khan As Lankesh Aka Ravan

Saif Ali Khan is known for his versatile roles in Bollywood. In Adipurush, he is all set to take on the role of Ravana aka Lankesh. Saif played as the antagonist in Om Raut’s previous movie ‘Tanhaji’.

Why Saif’s Look And Characterization As Ravan Is Very Important For Adipurush Success?

Saif is once again playing a negative role after a long time. The first trailer has raised certain doubts about his characterization. Due to heavy trolls on Saif’s looks and characterization as Ravan, his visuals are kept as a secret. Audience are more excited to see his portrayal of Lankesh in Adipurush. His portrayal will surely impact the movie’s performance heavily at the box office.

(3) Adipurush Cast Sita – Kriti Sanon As Sita Aka Janaki

Kriti Sanon is well known for her stunning performances in movies like ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ and ‘Luka Chuppi’. Kriti is now ready to take on the role of Sita aka Janaki in Adipurush. This is her first historical drama, and the challenges of portraying a mythological character like Sita are immense.

The recently released trailer promises us that her portrayal of Sita will be an outstanding one in her entire career. Her expressions in the trailer make it clear that she is one of the best choices for the role of Sita Devi among Bollywood actresses.

But down the south, there is a different analysis. South filmy lovers say that Nayanatara, Samantha, Keerthy Suresh would have been better choices than Kriti Sanon for the role of Sita Devi. Nayanatara has already acted as Sita in a Telugu hit movie Sri Rama Rajyam.

(4) Adipurush Hanuman Cast – Devadatta Nage As Hanuman Aka Bhajrangi

Lesser known Devadatta Nage has a bigger role as Lord Hanuman in Adipurush movie. Nage is a Marathi serial actor who is well-known for his role as Lord Khandoba in Jai Malhar serial. He even appeared in a couple of films in small supporting roles in Hindi and Marathi. He was last seen in Om Raut’s Tanhaji movie. The role of Hanuman is very important in Ramayana. One has to wait and see how Devadatta Nage excels in this pivotal role of Lord Hanuman.

(5) Adipurush Cast Lakshman – Sunny Singh As Lakshman

Sunny Singh is well known for his role in ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ movie. He is now all set to play Lakshmana’s character in Adipurush. The chemistry between Sunny and Prabhas, who are playing brothers on-screen, will be an interesting thing to watch. It will be a treat for the audience to watch both of them portray mythological characters. But one has to check whether his screen presence will be trimmed during war time.

(6) Adipurush Cast Meghnadh Aka Indrajeet – Angad or Vatsal Sheth

This is one of the top kept secret casting. Many feel that either Angad Bedi or Vatsal Sheth might have played this role. From the trailer glimpses, it looks like Vatsal has essayed the role of Meghnadh in Adipurush.

Vatsal Sheth is a talented actor known for his role in Tarzan The Wonder Car, Ek Haseena Thi movies and Mohabbat TV serial. He has made the bold decision to play the very interesting Meghnad role in Adipurush. Meghnad is Ravana’s son and is one of the bravest warriors in entire Ramayana.

The war episode expectations from Vatsal’s performance are high. His efforts to enhance Meghnad’s character in this movie promise to make him a standout character in Adipurush. The war episodes of Meghnath and Kumbakarna will always be exciting and thrilling to watch. If the VFX recieves positive response, these war scenes have the high chances to attract repeat audience.

Adipurush FAQs

  1. What is Adipurush release date?

    Prabhas and Kriti’s Adipurush is releasing on 16th June 2023. It is slated for a grand release in 20 plus countries across the world. Adipurush will be first released in the United States and Australia prior to Indian release.

  2. Where was Adipurush filmed?

    The majority part of the Adipurush was shot in Mumbai and Hyderabad cities. Some part was shot at Ramoji Film City due to it’s advantages for periodic films.

  3. Will Adipurush contain all aspects of Ramayan?

    Adipurush will not contain all aspects of Ramayana. Adipurush will start with Vanavasa episode and end with Ram Ravan Yuddh. The main theme selected for Adipurush is what Lord Sree Ram did to find and bring back Sita Devi.

  4. Who played Lakshman in Adipurush?

    Sunny Singh who is well known for his role in ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ movie played Lakshmana’s character in Adipurush.

  5. Who played Hanuman in Adipurush?

    Popular Marathi actor Devadatta Nage played the pivotal role of Lord Hanuman in Adipurush. Nage also played a small role in Om Raut’s Tanhaji movie.

  6. Who played Meghnadh (Indrajeet) in Adipurush?

    This is one of the top kept secret casting. Many feel that either Angad Bedi or Vatsal Sheth might have played this role. From the trailer glimpses, it looks like Vatsal has essayed the role of Meghnadh in Adipurush.

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